So far so incredibly vexatious

My temperature was up this morning.

It looks increasingly like I ovulated yesterday. Three or even four days after the last time I had sex (depending on when exactly I ovulated).

Damn it to hell. Repeatedly. In a wire bicycle basket.


4 responses to “So far so incredibly vexatious

  • katie

    Sorry my dear, but that is exactly the right interval. Optimum, in fact, according to lots of highly scientific people who no doubt wear glasses and live in their labs.

  • May

    Katie – really? Really? Oh. Oh my.

    I had always thought the optimum was 24 hours before ovulation.

    And being me, I can’t help thinking, now that you’ve said There Is Hope, I won’t have ovulated at all and my temps from now on in will be sub-Arctic.

  • deanna

    Damn it, indeed.


  • Lindsay

    Dearest May,

    Thank you so incredibly much for your kind, sweet words. I don’t really know how to adequately thank you. I am really grateful. It means so very much to me, especially right now. Thank you.


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