Does Not Compute

And now my body making preparations for ovulation. Or messing with my head. Or both. Or not.


It seems to have mislaid the note about being an anovulatory PCOSer.

I am, intellectually, delighted (with the proviso that if this does turn out to be a big head-mess, I will be, intellectually, pissed off).

Emotionally, I also seemed to have missed some kind of memo about this ovulating being a Good Thing, and some kind of normal cycle also being a Good Thing, and having sex with H being a Good Thing. Well, the sex part is totally a good thing. But everything else is making me a nervous wreck.

As for work, well, work is not helping. Staff leaving, staff off sick, staff being lacadaisical and pointless and getting a righteous scolding in the middle of the main office while the rest of us did seven variations on ‘I’m not listening I’m not listening lalalala…’.

And then there’s all that jolly hard studying lark, and the seas of young and single studenthood in which I swim much like a tench in a school of parrot-fish.

None of this is managing to take my mind off anything else. So here I sit, me and my dog-pile of issues. While my ovary churns away regardless.

3 responses to “Does Not Compute

  • Jackie

    Even if this cycle proves to be challenging because of work and school, the fact that your ovary seems to be working on it’s own for the time being has got to be a good thing, right? Maybe that means it will gear up on its own again in another (insert reasonable cycle period here), and you will get another chance, you know when school and work are no longer an issue. Cuz that’s extremely likely, right?!?

  • geohde

    Can your ovaries tell MY ovaries the trick?



  • chicklet

    It’s hard balancing everything eh? Sometimes, there’s just too much going on. THinking good thoughts for you.

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