My temperature was back up this morning. This is good, yes? As is the absolutely no sign whatsoever of any trace of any blood. So we now have at least an 11 day luteal phase.

(Or I didn’t ovulate at all and this is all a giant con my body is pulling for secret and possibly very amusing reasons of its own. Not that I’m paranoid.)

Also, I have lost seven pounds, this month, and am now, officially, lighter than I was when I married H. Several months ago, one of my many, many gynaecologists told me I’d perhaps only need to lose half a stone to restart ovulation, and I fulminated at the daftness of it all, what with not ovulating at all when I was a good FOUR stone lighter.

And damn me if the doctor weren’t right.

Oh. And I have now been feeling sick, on and off, for three days. Nerves, right? It’s nerves. Deep breaths.


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