Group Hug! Group hug!

‘Scuse me, must blow my nose… ohhh, dear, you guys, you’ve made me all teary. Just feel the bloggy love radiating out of the last post’s comments. I feel so much better. Also, have totally not peed on anything even remotely stick-like yet.

My temperature went right down this morning. I admit I felt a little, well, panicky? Freaked? Hysterical? I mean, is this nothing? Is it a 10-day luteal phase instead of a 9-day one, which sucks less much in the same way only slamming three rather than four fingers in a car door sucks less? Did I sleep with my mouth open? Is it too cold in the bedroom? Did I even ovulate in the first place? Am I delusional? Is my body delusional? And H did have to gently but firmly pry me away from obsessive chart-stalking on the charting website.

So I spent the rest of the day, in between classes, retiring to the loo to prod myself in the nipples to see if they still felt sore (answer: Yes, anything will feel sore if you prod it that much) and obsessively check my undercarriage for spotting. No spotting. And then I felt sick again this evening, and gave myself a serious talking to on the bus on the way home – it’s because I ate a bag of cheap nasty crisps, and the lady opposite me is wearing enough perfume to blister the nostrils at seventy paces. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

You see, H and I weren’t really going to ‘try’ this cycle. After all (hah! because, really, at the time, I thought hah! and chance would be a fine thing! And hah! again!), it was agreed it was Not Clever to be doing exams heavily pregnant, and a thesis with a newborn about the place, and even my amazingly laid-back mother agrees you shouldn’t really put newborns in a cupboard in another room so you can concentrate. And when I was all worked up and Fertile with a capital F, and to be frank, stalking about the place like a sex-crazed wolverine and scaring H half to death, we, err, didn’t do much about it. Until eventually we both got fed up of the yelping and pinging from the Blossoming Satsuma and certainly I think I had decided it was Pretending and only growing cysts, really, and anyway, we were Slightly Drunk, and. Well. The day before I (allegedly) ovulated. Yes.

Hence current tizzy.

I’ll let you know if tomorrow’s temps do anything interesting, shall I?


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