Me on drugs is good

I take my last of the four week course of proton pump inhibitors on Thursday. They have worked very well – while I was taking them, I did not have heart-burn. I had occasional stomach-aches and a very boring unswallowable lump sensation in my chest when I ate things I knew darn well I shouldn’t be eating. But I did not have heartburn.

Yesterday, as I dragged my carcass up a steep hill after a two-hour walk in the rain, I stifled a burp (sorry) and a fountain of acid shot up my oesophagus and flamed. Damn it to HELL.

I refuse to have heartburn. Tomorrow I am taking my insulin levesl to the GP for Metformin, so I may as well take my oesophagus as well for more inhibitors.

Oh how I love being on so many drugs I rattle.


One response to “Me on drugs is good

  • deannavs

    owie-ow-owie-ow-ow…….very sorry for the esophageal firestorm. Something about taking lots of pills always makes me feel important, though—all those bottles printed especially with my name on them! See that—-you’re awfully important, then. Lucky!

    Hope they help cool things down soon. =)

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