Perspective Puts Her Hobnailed Boots On

Right. I am fine now. Really. I am. Embarrassing snivelling, all done. Because really, I am a whiner. Which is not nearly so much fun as being a wino. Perspective, who can be such a mean bitch, came by to kick me all the way up Get A Grip Alley to Reality Square.

Item: – My mother-in-law has been taken into hospital for extensive tests, in case she has something hugely fun like a brain haemorrhage or aneurysm. Or possibly, a rare syndrome that causes bizarrely high blood pressure at random intervals, which, get this, H might have inherited, explaining his own bizarre blood pressure issues.

Item: – H called the ACU. As there were no available humans for him to converse with, he told the answering machine quite firmly that they could phone me, the wife, and tell me all about his SA, as I was the one who was that damn’ bothered. So they did. Normal. Results totally normal. What? I mean, hurray! But what? In any case, Flaxseed oil Rules.

Item: – About the being scared of a painful HSG thing? Well, Mel and Adrienne reassured me thoroughly, and in any case, I have had ovarian torsion, which my radiologist at the time described as Officially Even More Painful Than Childbirth, and I survived that with no more than a deal of screaming and some pethidine, so hey, HSG should be a piece of cake. And H is taking the afternoon off to look after me, so obviously I will waste his time by feeling spry as a cricket afterwards.

Item: – Listening to the news on the radio of a morning always gets me good and worked up on behalf of the Greater Injustices.

Item: – My fertility charting website is messing with my head and cheerfully telling me I ovulated last Thursday. Silly little electronic fool, can’t tell the difference between wacked out I’m-not-sleeping-my-head-hurts temps and DPO. It’ll give up tomorrow, when my temps plummet back down to their normal state of torpid hibernating mammoth. I’m looking forward to seeing what Provera will do to the tomfool software – ha! Or possibly, I have ovulated, and will screw the HSG up by getting a Real Period! Ah hah hah hah!


3 responses to “Perspective Puts Her Hobnailed Boots On

  • Adrienne

    Oh my goodness – I hope your MIL is okay. That sounds infinitely scary.

    So glad to hear that the SA was normal…flaxseed does indeed, rule.

    And if you’ve had your ovaries in a twist (forgot about that), then you absolutely positively will be singing through an HSG.

  • Mel

    Glad that the SA was normal–I will be making up t-shirts with slogans for flaxseed oil this weekend.

    I hope your MIL is doing better soon. That’s really scary.

  • Adrienne

    Thanks for the note on my blog, May, and for thinking of me. (I’d have emailed you directly, but there’s no “email me” on your blog.) It means alot that people read to check in, not just for the giggles. Because IF is just so hysterical, you know…

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