Those little ironies that defeat us

H found a huge bargain on the internets, and bought a bundle of pregnancy tests, you know, at half-pence each or something similarly irresistable. We knew I’d need a few in the lead-up to the HSG – my ‘cycles’ being so irregular there is no way they are going to start pouring radioactive slurry into me without being totally, absolutely, utterly sure that there’s not already a little occupant in there. But the bundle that turned up contained – oh, I couldn’t bring myself to count them – lots. Fifty?

I can’t bear it. Fifty pregnancy tests? For me? And I’m going to be in a situation to use them all before they expire? Really?

Bah. Bah bloody humbug.


2 responses to “Those little ironies that defeat us

  • Solnushka

    Well, you could always look forward to chuucking them out. For the best of reasons. It is rather a crappy thing to be faced with though. *Hug*

  • Watson

    I would plan on only needing a couple and maybe raffling off the rest.

    Or quiz your readers with questions and then send out the HPTs as prizes!

    Or have a huge bonfire when you see that BFP and just burn the suckers…

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