More results I don’t care for

When we went for our preliminary appointment with the ACU, I did manage to get a print-out of the results of my first blood test. Not the second test, taken in December, but the set taken in October that the NHS misplaced for a while, so that when I saw the gynaecologist, he didn’t have them. Would it have helped at all, if he had? *mutter mutter mutter*. To put things in context, this first set was taken when I had been bleeding for well over a month, but nevertheless might well have ovulated nineteen days beforehand.

Right. Deep breath. Let’s see what the innards were up to then.

My FSH is 5.9 iu/L. It should be, err, well, between 2 and 9 during the follicular phase, in which I seem to be permanently stuck. So that’s not abnormal at all.

My LH is 13.7 iu/L. That’s the sort of high it should reach just when I ovulate, which I did not do, and therefore it is far too high, which isn’t in the least bit surprising, as I have PCOS. And it is also why OPK kits are completely totally useless in my case, and perhaps one day people will stop recommending them to me.

Testosterone, 3.1 nmol/L. It should be 0.2 to 2.86. So, that’s a little high. But as I have facial hair, hairy toes, weird outbreaks of acne, and a really hot temper, I am NOT SURPRISED.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 26 nmol/L. It should be between 20 and 110. So, you’d think, low, but reasonable. But, aha:

Testosterone/SHBG ration 11.9. It should be under 4. In other words, I am producing too much testosterone and a little too little SHBG to mop it all up, so it hangs about prodding things at random and interfering with the Satsuma, just like any bored bloke with too much time on his hands and access to a fiddly mechanism.

What all this has to do with all the bleeding (still on going, thank you, avec enormous blood-clots at present, just in case I should have any lingering affection for my lady parts at all), I’m not medically savvy enough to know. I am trying to force myself not to have a long session with Doctor Google – that way madness lies.


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