Six ways to weirdsville

This meme has been rather doing the rounds, and Heather at BigP and Me tagged everyone who hadn’t been tagged yet, and I promptly leapt on the meme wagon again. Because I’ve been drinking gin and that’s always conducive to babbling. It’s called:

Six Weird Things About Me:

  1. I loathe orange vegetables. Carrots, swedes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, ugh ugh ugh. The rest of my family, of course, adore them, and I am always being inconvenient by not wanting to eat whatever it is that has been prepared for us. Carrot soup, like as not.
  2. Whenever I’m alone in the house, and want to watch television or knit, I always sit on the floor to do it. Even though we have perfectly good arm-chairs. Yet I don’t sit on the floor when anyone else, even only H, is about, even if he’s not watching the TV with me. I have no explanation.
  3. I am terrified of slugs. Spiders, I quite like, ditto mice, snakes, and even snails, which, face it, are merely slugs in hats. I cannot bring myself, even now, big grown-up girl that I am, to step over a slug in my way. In case it looks up my skirt, I suppose; it’s hardly going to sprint over and bite me. Again, no explanation.
  4. My mother taught me to read by the time I was four. I have always been able to read extremely fast. And I was so starved for fresh things to read, I used to read dictionaries.
  5. The house I grew up in had no electricity at all until I was three, no mains electricity until I was six, no water but that from our own well (we did put in a pump, so it would come out of the taps), and no television until I was twelve. There are so many conversations I therefore simply cannot have with my peers (and hence all the obsessive reading). My parents, you will not be in the least surprised to know, were hippies.
  6. I really actually do dance up and down and squeal with excitement when I see things like the first flowers of Spring, or squirrels, or a tree in bloom. Just like a six-year-old Wordsworth. It embarrasses my friends hugely.

Let me see, I tag… everyone who wants a go, really. I’m still a bit too far out on the edge of this blogging community to wander about tagging actual people.


3 responses to “Six ways to weirdsville

  • Mel

    That sounds like a very cool childhood 🙂 I think there is something to be said for simple living.

    I too like to sit on the floor!

    Hey, can I use your comment as a quote in the book? That summed up the sentiment perfectly: if it requires preparation and clean up by the person, it isn’t relaxing or helpful.

  • May

    Thanks for dropping by! Yes, of course, I’d be honoured if you used my comment. Thank you!

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