Brief pause for swearing purposes

The NHS has lost my husband’s sperm analysis results.

For fuck’s sake.

I need a drink.


5 responses to “Brief pause for swearing purposes

  • Solnushka

    Oh, the BASTARDS. How entirely frustrating for you both. Have a _big_ drink.

  • May

    Thank you for the sympathy. Isn’t it maddening? And I thought at the time the lack of hospital number to put on the paperwork would only cause problems.

    Being right is so annoying sometimes.


  • Watson


    I cannot believe they lost your husband’s sample, that’s just beyond belief!

    If it were my husband, the nasty part of me would think, ‘well, GOOD. At least by having to give another sample he gets a taste of what I have to go through!’

    I know, I’m terrible…but we women really do suffer more!

    I hope this doesn’t set you back schedule-wise??

  • May

    Hi, Watson – no, I don’t think it sets us back schedule-wise. We don’t really seem to have a schedule. The NHS seems to be in ‘investigate and make personal remarks’ mode, rather than in ‘let’s DO something about this’ mode.


    Thanks for dropping by.

  • Watson

    I’m glad to hear that but STILL, what ass clowns to lose the sample!!

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