You know, yesterday I snarked about the In-Laws refusing to come to us for New Year because ‘it wasn’t worth it for one night’? Well, it seems that in my first-thing-in-the-morning sleep-deprived fuddlement, I got hold of the wrong end of the stick, or, very possibly, though we shan’t argue any more about this, H presented the wrong end of the stick to me. What the In-Laws actually said, was that seeing as I wasn’t well, and H, when he called them, also sounded about as far from well as it is possible to get without being inaudible, it wasn’t fair of them to barge in on us when we clearly needed to rest and get over our lurgies, and in any case they were worried about leaving their cats (they’ve recently rescued a new cat and old cat has murder and mayhem in his heart), and that they didn’t think it was worth it to put us to all that trouble when we were both so exhausted for just one night that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy for fear of cat mincemeat.


Well, I feel small now.


2 responses to “Oopsie

  • Solnushka

    Sounds like you and H actually do need a much deserved long lie in and quiet few days actually. Being ill takes a lot out of you at the best of times and it sounds like you’ve been busy.

    Anyway, glad you are thinking happier thoughts about everyone for the New Year!

  • Heather

    Don’t feel small. Just feel happy they didn’t come!!! Glad you had some down time and hope you feel better soon!!

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