Daily Archives: November 28, 2006

Oh, now what?

I got another letter from the Hospital Out in the Countryside, the one I am visiting on the 13th of December to let a gynaecologist poke, and opine on, my personals. I was a little concerned – surely all was set? Or was this going to be some more gothically impractical instructions รก la sperm analysis set the husband was given (see previous post)?


This was an invitation to a preliminary visit with the Infertility (oh, sorry, Assisted Conception. HAH!) Clinic’s nurse, prior, and when I say prior, I am quoting directly form the letter, to our appointment with the doctor. And when is this preliminary visit to be? 18th of January.

Head, meet wall. Wall, be gentle with the head.

As for these apparantly time-warping personals, they are spotting. After the pseudo-ovulation two week ha ha ha from my temps, they spotted for three weeks. And then got a little more lively and bled ‘properly’ for a week. And now have collapsed back into spotting. I will never get to wear cute knickers again.