Daily Archives: November 14, 2006

A little light music.

I’m bracing myself up for some proper blogging. While we wait for sufficient braceage, here’s my inaugurating Meme (also known as My First Meme Ever, or It’s All About Me Me!) If your life were a movie, what would the sound-track be?

I took this from MsPrufock, who has a way more up-to-date music sollection than I do. I pretend I am a retro kind of chick. It usually doesn’t work. I am officially Not Cool.

Here’s how it works: Open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod). Put it on shuffle. Press play. For every question, type the song that’s playing. New question – press the next button. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool !

Opening Credits: I’ve Got a Right to Sing the Blues – Ethel Waters. Oh my, but this bodes well.

Waking Up: Blow Your Mind – Jamiroquai. ‘Want to get closer to you now,’ he sings. On waking? Before I’ve brushed my teeth? You are so kidding.

First Day of School: Hurricane – Bob Dylan. School as unfair imprisonment? How… apt.

Falling in Love: (I’m a) Road Runner – JR Walker & The All Stars. Well, the first boy I fell for dumped me the day after we had sex for the first time, which did such glorious wonders for my ego.

Breaking Up: Motorpsycho Nitemare – Bob Dylan. Bwahahahahah.

School Formal: You Take My Breath Away – Eva Cassidy. Hah. I met said dumping-boy at a school dance. Only school dance ever where I did anything more exciting than wall-flower or try to pry girls even more unhappy than myself out of the lavatories before they used up all the paper. And I don’t think either of us were being exactly breath-taking. We just happened to be lurking, alone and unfriended, by the same bowl of twiglets.

Life’s Okay: Is Your Love in Vain? – Bob Dylan. WTF?

Mental Breakdown: John Wesley Harding – Bob Dylan. Only I would lose my mind to Sixties folk songs.

Why Can’t We Be Friends: Desaparecido – Manu Chao. Well, yes, it is quite hard to be friends with someone who keeps disappearing. I can think of a particular person. Again, who disappeared after the first time he tried to kiss me. I Sense a Theme.

Movin’ Out: Sweet Thing – Van Morrison. Very ironic. A song about longing to get back together with someone.

Getting Back Together: Minuet for the French Horn from Water Music – Handel. Did I tell you we had excerpts from Water Music playing at our wedding?

Wedding: Luna y Sol – Manu Chao. ‘Todo es mentira en este mundo’? Oh, very nice.

Birth of a Child: Boring – Fascinating Aida. The Rimshot of Irony. Oh, oh, oh, my ribs are aching from laughing.

Final Battle: Selimathunzi – Imbizo. I think selimathunzi means sunset. But I couldn’t swear to it.

Death Scene: I Shall Be Free – Bob Dylan. Oh, good one.

Funeral Song: Dancing in the Street – Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. That’s not funny. That is so not funny. No, it isn’t. Why are you laughing?

End Credits: Yodel 3 – Penguin CafĂ© Orchestra. I think we shall just have to shrug and move on.