In Which, Oh, Stuff It.

Did I say I was getting my period?


I spotted red, with added cramping, for a few hours. And then a little more spotting the next day. And then… a little more spotting. And cramps. And spotting. And nothing.

My temperature, which had dropped, went back up this morning.

I stared at my chart. My chart gave nothing away. I began most monstrously to Fret. In fact, I fretted myself into a state of advanced imbecility and went and bought some more home pregnancy tests. There followed an amusing and undignified little interlude in which I ate chocolate and whined on message boards while my bladder slowly filled up. And an even more amusing and undignified interlude in which I carefully peed into a pint mug, as the chances of me being able to hold only the tip of a small white stick underneath myself without weeing over the entire stick and my own hand are very slim. And I dunked the test in, counted twenty seconds off on the radio-controlled clock, left the test to mature while I made myself tea, came back, looked at it, and…

Negative. Obviously.

So, either I did ovulate 19 days ago and am pregnant and the test is a dud. Or, I did ovulate 19 days ago and the test is fine and I have some annoyingly stupid condition like a corpus-luteal cyst to play with now. Or, and this is the real contender at the moment, I did not ovulate, and my temps went up for two weeks for a lark.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a pint mug to disinfect.


4 responses to “In Which, Oh, Stuff It.

  • Watson


    Just reading your blog for the first time!

    I am sorry about the negative test result, but the elevated temps are a mystery. Do they go up if you don’t ovulate? I thought a clear temp rise indicated that, but what do I know?!?

    Have you tested again, just to make sure? A 19-day luteal phase is quite long, so maybe there’s still hope?!?

    Sorry about the mug, how did the disinfecting go ?


  • May

    I must admit I have washed the mug twice and am still considering reserving it solely for my brother-in-law, who of all men deserves a mug used to…oh, never mind.

    I am being a great big cowardly weedy person about either testing again or trying to get in touch with my doctor. But I’m in the middle of applying to go back to universtity and the idea of Finding Anything Out this week is just… too much.

    Pathetic, no?

    Thank you for reading my blog, by the way. I am very flattered.

  • Watson

    No, most certainly not pathetic!

    Sometimes it’s better to have that smidge of hope by not knowing, rather than see that blinding white window of a HPT.

    I feel your pain, sistah, I really do…

    Is your temp. still up??

  • May

    Temps, down.

    Spotting, constant.

    Cramps, hoo yes.

    Trifecta of crapness, complete.

    (Did that sound self-pitying to you?)

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