In which everything is annoying

To begin with, I am trying to book an appointment with a gynaecologist. This is a baroquely bureacratic process, starting with my GP deciding I need to see a gynae, segueing through ‘and therefore phone this number so our secretaries can give you a special code to give to the booking system for the hospital which you want to attend,’ the which number I duly phone only to be told that the secretaries haven’t received the message from Doc Tashless, so can I go away just for the moment, and then a week later I receive an answerphone message telling me I now may indeed trouble the secretaries. I do so, and between us we decide that as Big Teaching Hospital Down The Road has a waiting list of several months, I might do worse than try the Hospital Out In The Countryside. They give me a referral number. I phone the HOITC. I am spoken to by a woman who so exceedingly clearly could not give a fuck I am surprised she even bothered to breathe this morning. She takes my details and says she’ll call me back. I don’t want to be called back. The fridge contains one cucumber and a bag of beansprouts. I want to go to the supermarket. I am starting to feel put-apon. I do laundry, resentfully. After an hour or so Can’t-Be-Buggered does, surprisingly, call me back. My referral number is inadequate. I offer to call her back once I have sorted out this inadequacy with GP secretaries. I assume the grunt is one of assent. I call the secretaries, who find that I have indeed copied the number down incorrectly. We all giggle. I call the HOITC again. Their phone-system promptly collapses and refuses to let me talk to any human beings, apathetic or otherwise, for the rest of the afternoon. The supermarket is not visited. I find something in a plastic bag to defrost and fry into submission. I am consumed with longing for chocolate.


2 responses to “In which everything is annoying

  • MsPrufrock

    A bit belated on my part, but welcome to the IF blogosphere…it’s a hell of a place to be!

    I have checked out your blogroll and I am flattered to be in such illustrious company. Please find other blogs to love because I feel a bit out of place amongst those ladies.

    Oh, and I hope you were able to procure some chocolate eventually.

  • May

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment! Just when I was being a total wimp about leaving comments on other people’s blogs because all I could think of to say was ‘Yeah, what she said, mumble mumble…’

    I feel very flattered and touched to have such a nice comment, from someone whose backlog I have been reading in growing admiration too. Thank you.

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