Daily Archives: September 1, 2010

I’m bleeding, making me the victor.

Aaaand this morning my period had started.

So. Well. That’s that, then.

Because the combination of mefenamic acid and tramadol seemed to keep the weeping in a pale-grey heap to a minimum last time, I was all set to go to work today anyway. I got dressed in a freshly ironed shirt (ta, H) and everything. But I had clean forgotten (or blanked utterly from my traumatised mind) that on the first day of my period, the prostaglandins gang up on my lower bowel while they’re at it.

So I spent the morning sitting on the loo instead.

And I also managed to ‘forget’ that the tramadol pretty much knocks me unconscious. Afternoon spent alternately whimpering ‘Ow-ow-ow’ and dozing off.

Gentle Readers, at least, those of you who also have adenomyosis/endometriosis/severe dysmenorrhea, how the hell do any of you manage work and family and so on? I am just, repeatedly, floored by it. Kaput. Broken. Ow. Drugs strong enough to even dull the pain also turn me into a zombie. I think I must be the most colossal and spineless wimp. Like the worst kind of whining six-year-old super-special-snowflake princess crossed with an earthworm.

I said to H, this morning, ‘how badly do you want more than one child? Because if I do get to full-term, I am seriously considering an elective caesarian and demanding they do a hysterectomy while they’re at it’. And H looked sad and worried and made me a cup of tea.


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