Daily Archives: June 7, 2010

Status updates

Doc Tashless the Wonder-GP – wonderful.

Referral letter for The Professor – being written (I’m to collect it next week). Doc Tashless also cheerfully volunteered to print out and include every test result he could find before I even asked him, so I wouldn’t have to ‘do anything twice’. See point above.

Toe РOfficially Broken. Doc Tashless gave it a cursory and decidedly blas̩ glance, told me to strap it to its neighbour, and pointed out toes, eh, they get better eventually.

Strapping the toe – Good idea. Makes limping much easier.

Work – Being angelic about the toe thing. They even sent me home early so I ‘could get a seat on the bus’.

Social life – I am going to the theatre tomorrow, which surprised me. My friend E sprang this on me over lunch.

Husband – bought me ice-cream, declared I should definitely go to the theatre as I needed a treat after the spoiled weekend, is doing all the shopping and cleaning and laundry, and only once said wistfully that he missed my cooking as he was getting a little bored of his own kitchen repertoire. Actually, he’s not a husband, is he? He’s a wife.

Cycle – buggered if I know. Temperature very high, fertile ‘signs’ still in evidence this morning, Satsuma very quiet. *Throws up her hands*


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