Daily Archives: April 11, 2010

Resistance is futile

I cracked. I peed on a stick.


Waste of a Goddamn gold-and-seed-pearl-encrusted expensive peestick.

Meanwhile, just so we all know exactly what a dill-weed thing to do that was, I’m not 100% sure when I ovulated. I think it was the evening of Wednesday 31st, based on Satsuma pitching a fit, and my fertility chart thinks it was Thursday 1st, due to temperature and *cough* other signs. And H and I had last had sex on Monday, since when H has been knocked flat by the Real Flu (which, incidentally, is still kicking his arse, poor bloody H). So, really, unless H has managed to produce a handful of SAS endurance sperm-squaddies that Monday, peeing on sticks is an exercise in futility.

Period is due either Tuesday (by Satsuma-fit timing) or Wednesday (by chart), and, frankly, dpo 11 or only 10 is a stupidly early time to pee even on an expensive pee-stick.

But H might have produced a mighty squaddie. I might have ovulated Wednesday.

And this Universe might be a smiling and benevolent one.

And I am still a raging dill-weed.


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