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Bank and start again

Item – Many thanks and a big internet hug to everyone who commented on the last post. I feel better. Less ridiculous and angry with myself.

Item – I think a had a very good point in said comments. It does make me feel, in a mad, sad, angry, frustrated way, better to consider it a chemical pregnancy, simply because it means egg met sperm, which also means my one and only fallopian tube is not, after all, buggered (I am still not absolutely happy about all the contradictory reports I have had on the state of said fallopian tube. The radiologist who did both my HSGs thinks it looks like a touch of hydrosalpinx. Miss Consultant thinks it presents no significant cause for concern. Gah). Anyway. We shall never know but at least I am not keel-hauling myself for thinking it. Probably.

Item – H and I spent the Bank Holiday very nearly entirely pleasantly, thank you. On Saturday we spent about seven hours walking round and round Kew admiring the trees and the parakeets, and on Sunday we spent the day groaning about our aching feet and thighs, and on Monday we repaired the bird-feeder that the squirrels had chewed and then H climbed up a ladder and washed the first-floor windows while I cowered inside and refused to look as I have a horrible head for heights and a worse head for other people’s heights. Oh, and we did laundry.

Item – Except I had a tantrum on Saturday night because I couldn’t sleep and H was snoring and I thumped him about a zillion times to get him to roll over and STOP MAKING THAT NOISE and he wouldn’t and I stormed off to the spare room to make the bed in there and that woke H up and he came trotting after me to ask what in hey was the matter and I was very pissy as I was frantically tired having had insomnia for days already and then I whacked my foot on the bed and burst into tears. Umm. H led me back to the comfy bed, rubbed my back for me, and then took himself off to the spare room for the night, and I slept like a baby until about 11 am and H slept really badly. Guilt. Sunday night, I slept badly again, even though H was angelically silent. So, I seem to be a little freaked out still. Heigh ho.

Item – Acupuncture. Yes. Last week I got to keep most of my clothes on, even. I explained my menstrual woes, and to her credit Nice Earrings did not claim it was a ‘cleansing crisis’ or any such nonsense, but did, instead, spend a great deal of time warming and then stabbing my belly and lower back. And then she gave me a moxa stick to take home so I could warm my belly area with it every day. This process seems so insanely fiddly and likely to set the smoke-detector off that I haven’t tried yet. Oops. I have another appointment on Wednesday.

Item – And now we wait to see if Satsuma is going to do anything. Hello? Hellooooo in there? Are we awake yet?


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