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To be perfectly honest…

…I am very very grouchy. Yes. I am. Rrrrrrrah. Last weekend, my good pal E gave me a tee-shirt that says ‘I can only please one person a day. Today is not your day. (Tomorrow does not look good either).’ I think he meant it kindly and sincerely, rather than amusingly. But kindly and sincerely towards my coworkers.

I promise I have not snarled at any of my coworkers.

Not even the one who talked in a high-pitched squeal for twenty-seven minutes about the noise of the drilling from the office renovations and how distressing it was and how she couldn’t possibly stand it a moment longer, keeping in mind that the drilling had stopped thirty-seven minutes beforehand.

Or the one who told me five times that he would do the afternoon shift and then went off for a prolonged lunch.

I didn’t even snarl at World’s Most Annoying Colleague, but that was mostly because he had the day off.

Also, my mother wants to know how the acupuncture is going (answer, ummm, have had one (1) session. It was… acupunctury). I think it’s code for ‘are you pregnant? Are you? Are you? Are you?’ (answer, how the hell should I know?).

In September, we’re going on holiday with my mother, and her husband, and H’s parents (I saw that look on your face. I know. We’ll discuss it in a minute). H’s parents and my mother have already started cheerfully telling each other our flight times – ah, we hadn’t booked a flight at that point, so, FAIL? – and making plans based around said purely imaginary flight times, and now everything is 72 times more complicated than it needs to be.

Yes, I did say H and I and both sets of in-laws are all going on holiday together for a week. In the Alps. In September. Where, no doubt, it’ll rain torrentially and by the way, I can’t speak a word of German and I have an unfortunate control-freak issue about visiting places I can’t communicate in (this currently includes the canteen at work). I really, really, do not understand how or why H and I are doing this. First it was all, do you two want to borrow the Alpine chalet for a week? Yes? Then it was, and MIL and FIL would like to borrow it too! Won’t it be nice if you go there together! And I think I said that yes, in principle, it was a sweet idea, in a ‘but never mind, for it will not come to fruition’ way, which was careless of me, for then I am being told, told, mind you, not asked, that we’re playing Happy Swiss Family In-Laws, because my mother and Co. will be coming along too, after all, it’s their chalet.

H thinks this is a nice idea. May thinks H has lost his mind. H thinks May is being a sour-puss.

And they all like playing Charades. I think I may have to break both my legs.

Ehhhh, second week of the two week wait. How tirelessly it goes on making mountains out of, well, mountains.


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