Daily Archives: April 9, 2009

Take your time, why don’t you

Day 23 of this cycle. Six days since I was told I had a 13 mm lead follicle, and it would ‘go’ in a couple of days. Ah ha ha ha ha. Ha ha. Hah.

No, of course I haven’t had a positive OPK yet.

It’s very annoying to be right all the time. I did say it’d take a week, based on previous experience. So, you know, I should’ve got a positive OPK today, and I went to Ikea, where all the pregnant people live, and I survived and I have four washing-up brushes, five pairs of rubber gloves, four pillow-slips, two mattress-protectors, a canteen of reasonable cutlery and a 30-piece crockery set, also, low blood-sugar and mild dehydration, oh, and some towels, and I held H’s hand as we sprinted through the cots-cribs-and-cuddly-toys section, and I still haven’t got a positive OPK, and if I don’t get one tomorrow I will scream and throw things.


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